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was in the tupelo, mississippi area.ell us this? >> yeah, i knew they had a suspect in this case, and i'm glad to see they have been able to apprehend and arrest this individual. and i would again make the assertion that it really has no relation to t boston bombings, it's very reminisce end of the anthrax attacks after 9/11. it's very dangerous when you have people sending poison to federal officers. the security is very high right now to protect the members of congress. we're very concerned about these packages. after 9/11, we implemented a procedu procedure that changed the way mail gets to the -- >> let me ask you another question about the situation in boston. just in terms of whether the suspects, the people that they talking, looking at right now in some of those photos, can you tell me whether they're confident, whether you're confident from your briefings that that person or those people are still in the area r still nearby, or do they think they could have fled the country or gone far away? >> you know, i honestly can't answer that question. i think that's one of the biggest issues w
republican senator roger wicker were positive for ricin. now word they have arrested a man in tupelo, mississippi in that case. mike emanuel has been on the story throughout the day. is he live on the hill late for us tonight. what can we reported, mike? what are you getting? >> bill, we have several law enforcement sources who tell us that a man by the name of kenneth curtis of tupelo, mississippi has been arrested in connection with these letters that have tested positive for ricin that have been sent to -- addressed to president obama and senator roger wicker of mississippi. sources early on in the investigation were telling us that it was somebody from mississippi, from senator wicker's home state and the fbi bulletin that we have been reporting from that we obtained early today says the two letters that were sent were signed i am k.c. and i approve this message. k.c. may translate to kenneth curtis it is unclear when charges will be filed. whether it will be later tonight or tomorrow. but, again, to recap, several federal law enforcement sources say arrest has been made. kenneth
. this is the man, james everett dutschke. second man of tupelo arrested in the investigation charges against the first suspect were dropped. want to go to tupelo now and alino muchado watching the developments right there. tell us who this guy is and why the fbi went looking for him. >> reporter: yeah, don. we have been talking to neighbors here all day. we talked to one man who says that james everett dutschke lived in the neighborhood for several years, in the house behind me with his wife and children that he lived here and that he kept primarily to himself. now, his attorney tells us that he operated a martial arts studio in town and closed after he was charged with child molestation earlier this year. now, we don't know exactly why the fbi went looking for him. what we do know is that his name came up in a hearing for the initial suspect of this case. that man is paul kevin curtis. he told -- he said in that hearing on monday that he had been framed and he mentioned dutschke as a possible suspect. a day after that hearing, all the charges filed against curtis were dismissed. curtis's na
tupelo, mississippi. alina? >> the judge of a son who received one of those ricin letters say he hopes it is a step towards justice for his family. this is who authorities now believe mailed the three ricin laced letters. federal prosecutors have charged james everett dusky. he is known of possessing a biological agent for use as a weapon. that agent according to the u.s. attorney's office, was ricin. >> this could have been devastating. mom could have died. >> reporter: steve holland's mother is the mississippi judge who received one of the letters. dutschke ran against him in 2007. >> he was a mad personality. vicious kind of guy. he attacked me personally and even my entire family. >> reporter: last week charge as were dropped against the first suspect in the case, an elvis impersonator. curtis said he had been framed and pointed to dutschke as a possible suspect. they searched the marshal arts studio dutschke used to run and his home in tupelo. >> i met with the fbi and i consulted to a search and signed a piece of paper saying, go ahead, search the house. i don't have anything at
incident in tupelo,
to a mississippi senator, federal sources tell abc news they've arrested a suspect from tupelo, mississippi. a scare that stopped mail delivery on capitol hill this week. >> all staff and other personnel are directed to avoid this area until further notice. >> reporter: the fear, ricin. easily made from castor beans, by would-be bioterrorists. >> if you ingest enough, it could be very damaging and it could kill you. >> reporter: two letters, one to president obama, another two roger wicker, showed initial positive results in field tests. the letters never reached the white house or capital. >> the mail sent here is screened and the tests are taken at remote sites to mitigate the risks. >> the first was stopped then miles from its target to capitol hill. the second letter to the white house was intercepted six and a half miles away on a military base on the outskirts of d.c. a third post office sorting facility suffered possible contamination to its filtering system from an unknown source, ten miles from downtown washington. protections including air sensors at screening centers, set up afte
old everett dutschke was arrested on unspecified chargings. he was taken without incident in tupelo, mississippi. authorities say it is connection with the ricin-laced letter to president obama and senator wick yer a judge. dutschke went in hiding after his home was searched. his attorney hasn't made public comments about her client today. earlier in the week she had said he had no involvement. we heard similar statements from dutschke. >> the people who know me know i don't have anything to do with this. >> and quite frankly people who don't know, know that this is just crazy and insane. >> this as we learn of an ongoing feud between him and paul kevin curtis. he is a person taken in custody earlier in the investigation. later, all charge were dropped. dutschkeam first surfaced when curtis' attorney said her client framed. the letters addressed to senator wicker and obama were retrieved and flagged in an off site mai facility before reaching their intended victims. >> turning to a developing story, the boston marathon bombing system sits in a prison hospital as investigators are tr
're searching the site of a former martial art studio in tupelo, mississippi, and the home of a former politician who was an instructor there. investigators are trying to determine if someone tried to pin the poisonous letter on paul kevin curtis, charges against him have been dropped. curtis' attorney says her client was a scapegoat. victor blackwell will have the latest from tupelo in 20 minutes. >>> happening in new orleans suburb is picking up the pieces after a pair of back to back twisters came through town. nerves are rattled in kenner. meanwhile, parts of the soggy midwest could see relief today while other areas brace for more flooding. jennifer has more from the weather studio. >> we are watching the flooding along the illinois as well as mississippi river and many of these locations were still at major flood stage. for peoria, ten feet above. let's go to video of what conditions were like on the ground. we're talking many homes are under water. looking at video coming out of fargo, north dakota. they're prepping for flooding for this weekend. as i take you back over to our g
this message. that suspect called kevin curtis has been arrested in his home in tupelo, mississippi. the authorities were led there as a result of the investigation. three letters positive for the potentially dangerous and deadly substance ricin. wicker, president obama and the judge's all postmarked april 8th from memphis, according to authorities. what they don't know is why he did. there's little information, little evidence on what his motive could have been, what we do know, it's had a huge impact here on capitol hill. other offices including senator richard shelby checked after reports of suspicious packages. both here on capitol hill and back in local districts. nothing else found. but there's a heightened concern here after boston and what happened there on monday. plus, a courthouse evacuation after a bomb threat there yesterday, not connected to this, according to authorities at least as far as they know right now. but mail headed to capitol hill, well, that's on hold this week. richard. >> tracie potts with the very latest on that developing story. thank you. also develop
to paul kevin curtis of tupelo, mississippi. he was arrested at his home in mississippi, as authorities try to figure out what the motive was here. three letters that tested positive for potentially dangerous ricin. the one sent to senator wicker never made it to capitol hill. it was intercepted. one sent to president obama was intercepted offsite. all of them postmarked april 8th. and all postmarked for memphis. what gave it away was the common signature. i am kevin curtis and i approve this message, at the end of the letters. the test on the first letter to wicker, had proved inconclusive. and the second one, as well. they're trying to figure out how potent this ricin was. and while it initially tested positive, the further tests by the fbi have been inconclusive. they ordered more as they continue to investigate. >> all right, tracie potts in washington. thanks so much for that. >>> after a rollercoaster day of reports on the investigation into the boston bombings, it appears authorities have pictures of their suspect. the front page of this morning's "boston globe" claims authoritie
week. today the fbi also searched a second mississippi location. the tupelo home of an man named j. everett duchky. he's an acquaintance and sometime adversary of curtis. he also says he's innocent. another incident, the defense intelligence agencies say alarms went off today at a mail facility at bolling air base here in washington indicating the possible presence of dangerous toxins. further tests found no specific package related to those alarms, so they're taking more samples. bottom line, the fbi clearly got the wrong man in the first case and whoever is sending these letters may still be out there. >> andrea mitchell with an update on that, thanks. >>> a package of budget cuts that was given the clunky name the sequester. it's as good an example as any of our broken government. the whole idea of an approaching package of forced budget cutbacks was to pressure action well in advance. that didn't happen, so now the cutbacks are being assigned and enforced, not across the board, but selectively. and now they affect air traffic control, and they've slowed down air travel, which y
. >>> the new suspect in the ricin case, they arrested everett dutschke at his house in tupelo on saturday. he is accused of sending poisonous letters with ricin to the president and a judge. another man was later cleared and claimed he was framed by everett dutschke. >>> another is growing and at least 166 are taking part in the protest. they are protesting conditions and inn definite confinement. the white house is working to address the situation and obama administration has pledged to close the prison but congressional legislatures haven acted legislation to prevent that from -- have enacted legislation to prevent that from happening. >>> they say he wants to roll back involvement in mexican security operations and under the previous involvement, they fought the drug war there sending drone aircrafts and other assistance. meantime according to white house officials, they will nominate anthony fox as his new transportation secretary. if confirmed they will replace ray la hood. fox is the first african- american nominee for president barack obama's second term. >>> 4:26 let go back to the ea
suspect were dropped. head now to tupelo and alina ma chot oh, watching as things develop. lean a, who is this man, james everett dusty, and why did the fbi find their way to him. >> reporter: don, they say he lived behind me in the house with his wife. his attorney says he ran a martial arts studio in town that was closed after he was charged in a child molestation case earlier this year. we also know that he ran for a seat in the mississippi house in 2007 against a man named steve holland. now, holland's mother is a judge here and she received one of those ricin letters. we talked to holland about the arrest. here is what steve holland had to say. >> this could have been devastating, very devastating. i mean, mom could have died had this taken the worst case scenario and that would have been tragic, of course. thank goodness she's fine. we just want to move on. >> reporter: now, we first learned about dust key in a hearing for the original suspect. in that hearing, he said he was framed and said dusty was a possible suspect. then curtis was freed and the charges against him were drop
against another man. o we're following the story from tupelo, mississippi. >> poppy, a judge here who received one of those ricin letters says he's hoping the arrest is a step toward justice for his family. this is the man federal authorities now believe mailed three ricin-laced letters earlier this month to president obama, mississippi senator wicker and county court judge holland. prosecutors have charged james everett dutschke accused of "knowing, developing, producing, stockpiling, possessing a biological agent for use as a weapon." that agent according to the u.s. attorney's office was ricin. >> this could have been devastating, very devastating. i mean, mom could have died. >> reporter: steve holland's mother is the mississippi judge who received one of the letters. dutschke ran against him for a seat in the mississippi state house in 2007. >> he was a mad personality. he was a vicious kind of guy. he attacked me personally and even my entire family. that was his m.o. during the campaign. >> reporter: last week charges were dropped against the first suspect in the case, an elvis
tupelo, mississippi home early saturday. dutschke now faces federal charges in connection with ricin-tainted letters sent to president obama, mississippi senator roger wicker, and a county judge. his attorney had no comment on his arrest. one analyst says this investigation is moving faster than usual. >>the speed of this is being driven by how dangerous ricin is." earlier in the week, prosecutors dropped charges against another man, paul kevin curtis. curtis believes he was framed, and identified dutschke as a potential culprit. f-b-i agents searched dutschke's home and former martial arts studio, though it's not clear what they found. when asked this week if he'd ever handled ricin before, dutschke told reporters. >>"no. i wouldn't recognize ricin if i saw it." ennis carlock lives in dutschke's neighborhood, and >>"right now, i'm just glad he's off- out of our neighborhood and i hope they keep him off." the toxic letters read in part: >>"to see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance." each letter had a memphis, tennessee, postmark and no return
in tupelo. charges were filed originally against kevin curtis, who was cleared after no evidence was found. >>> legal showdown over michael jackson's death is set to begin. it pits his mother and three children against concert promoter aeg. lawyers from both sides give their opening statements today. and jackson's family is suing aeg saying it was responsible for hiring conrad murray and causing the singer's death. high-profile celebrities and two of jackson's children may testify the trial is expected to last for months. >> it is interesting when you think of who may be on the stand. why the family would bring this -- well, i know it is billions of dollars when you think about it -- pretty much just kind of dragging his name through the mud. >> because it is a civil suit. everything is on the table. things that weren't admissible in trials can go on the table. child molestation, allegations all brought back. >> all going to be on the table once again for his now older children to hear. which i am sure that is going to be disturbing. big names, quincy jones, diana ross, two ex-wives may ta
, what is the latest? >> reporter: anderson, this is an individual from tupelo, mississippi, we're told, the home state of senator roger wicker. actually, his hometown, as well. he's one of the people who got one of the mailings. we know of two suspicious letters, a lot of confusion at the united states capitol today. a mail delivery to the capitol has been stopped, while authorities try to figure all of it out. of the suspicious letters that were field tested, and initially deemed positive, one was addressed to the white house. another, an earlier letter, as i said, addressed to senator wicker. these are only field tests, false-positives are known to occur. according to law enforcement authorities, anderson, both of the letters were detected at an off site facility. authorities say there was a message contained in the letters. that message said, "to see a wrong and not expose it is to become a silent partner to its continuance." both letters we're told signed "i'm kc and i approve this message." the letters have been sent to labs for testing. there had been ricin false-positives in the
learned the suspect is a man from tupelo, mississippi, a man with a long history of sending letters to lawmakers in washington. investigators say that early tests on those letters were positive. that mail never came close to the president or the senator for that matter. they set off alarms though in postal screening facilities away from the white house and away from chill. i want to start our coverage this hour now with mike emanuel who is live on capitol hill and there is a lot we can report now that we could not several hours ago. what do we have now. >> that's right, bill. we can tell you the man's name is kenneth curtis, he is from tupelo, mississippi. the arrest made we understand this evening unclear whether charges will be filed tonight or tomorrow and where they will be filed you better believe federal law enforcement and prosecutorial people talking about exactly how to proceed from this point. we know that these letters addressed to president obama and senator roger wicker, republican of mississippi were mailed from memphis, tennessee on april 8th. so last week there was n
in and around little rock and the north of pipe low, northeast of tupelo, as well as southeast of tupelo, mississippi. we'll keep you posted, but we could have a volatile evening on our hands. stretching from parts of big bend of texas all the way to louisiana, parts of mississippi, up towards tennessee, we could see that large hail, damaging winds and even tornadoes, as well as the heavy rainfall. just want to show you some of the temperatures. very warm across much of the country. phoenix, 95. you can see where it's cooler. that's where our storm system is moving through. we've got 50s and 60s. arthel mentioned the threat of flooding. that's going to continue not only this weekend, but into next week. as we've got flooding rain and the snow melt across portions of the upper midwest that's going to drain into these tributaries and move into the mississippi river. this will be an ongoing threat throughout the workweek and possibly for the springtime as we get a lot of rainfall, potential for a lot of rainfall and the snow melts. taking a look at the forecast over the next couple days, th
curtis who they believe is from tupelo, mississippi. roger wicker in mississippi received one of those letters believed to be curtis. lab tests are being conducted and results are expected in 48 hours. ricin is a highly toxic compound. >>> tonight new questions and accusations involving the 15-year-old girl who committed suicide after being allegedly sexually assaulted and bullied by three teenaged boys. they were all classmates at sarah toga high school. the los gatos school issued a report saying, audrey never reported being bullied. her parents say they met with school administrators several times asking the young men be expelled. >> the bullying occurred on campus between students. then that's something that the school perhaps should have prevented. >> the family accuses the school district of being more interested in protecting its image than taking responsibility for its lack of action. the district says it shares a common responsibility to stand up and speak out about harassing behavior. >>> coming up, lawmakers speaking after an investigative report. >> the governor needs to re
are looking at the home of another mississippi man, another man from tupelo who says he's also innocent. he doesn't even know how to make ricin, but they're looking into his home. interestingly the two suspects have had an ongoing feud for years. mara? >> tracie, thank you very much for that. >> well, it's the sound of a bullet proof white board and it's on its way to one minnesota school. the high school is no stranger to school violence. a decade ago a student shot and killed two classmates. now it's the first in the state to get bullet proof white boards. teachers and students can write on them like normal, but they are also made of some of the lightest body armor in the world and they can be used as weapons, too. >> imagine the gun sticking in the window of a classroom. and you knock the gun out of the hand. it is empowerment. it's a tool. it's something that the teachers finally will have. >> the white board inventor said he made it in response to the shootings in newtown, connecticut. >>> now, here's your "first look" at scrambled politics. senator rand paul is breaking ranks with fel
in tupelo, mississippi. >> by the way, i think this guy ran against the karate instructor from tupelo, mississippi a mother for judge! >> this is where fiction is dying! >> this is what happened! >> who is on the screen play now? >> bottom line, this guy, he didn't eat rice! and they are coming in and say he is sprinkling -- >> he said rice to see you. >> i'm trying to think of a transition to bill karins and i can't think of one! >> you know what? here is one. >> i got it. >> i got it. >> first, let's go to a guy who doesn't imitate elvis. he imdates a meteorologist who actually claims to know what is going to happen today in the weather! was that pretty good, bill? >> it wasn't your best wok. >> it's really cold yesterday. it's 39 degrees! >> we're really sick of this! >> congratulations. >> we're freeze to death! when is it going to end? >> that was to make you appreciate today and the next week, by the way. it looks like the miserable spring in new england is done. a thing of the past. i have at least six or seven days in a row of 60-degree temperatures for you. it is going to be
to investigate that whole elvis impersonator contest situation in tupelo, mississippi. that apparently was the big story. it was buried there. yeah. who knew? that's the problem. there are so many stories going on simultaneously with so many conspiracies. somebody framed him apparently. >> that's what they're thinking. >> stephanie: suspect number one in the boston thing conspiracy guy. alex jones fan who says that's a conspiracy. this is awesome. [ applause ] >> well, i was over to the other building on the other side of the valley and i think it was the george murray show, had a girl call in who said she saw a police cruiser run over suspect number one and then they shot him several times and load his dead body in the ambulance. she sounded terrified so maybe she was an actress. >> stephanie: really now? yesterday we delved into the whole russian thing. just sayin', putin there a little too quickly for my taste. that was before they named the suspects. might i be of some assistance? hello! huh? how did you know about this? >> we're pulling out of afghanistan. why not stop on the way
west. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." >>> an arrest in tupelo, mississippi, in connection to the investigation with poison letters sent to president obama. kristin, with a good afternoon to you, what can you tell us about these new developments? >> reporter: good afternoon, alex. the fbi has confirmed that this afternoon special agents arrested 41-year-old everett dutschke who is a martial arts instructor in tupelo, mississippi. no word on what specific charges can or will be filed. according to local officials, they say this arrest is in connection with the investigation into those ricin-laced letters that were sent to president obama and members of congress. i can tell you, alex, i have been talking to our local affiliate in mississippi who says that his home, dutschke's home, was searched by investigators on tuesday and wednesday of this week. so this arrest comes after that. now, of course, if you will recall, this past tuesday prosecutors dropped charges against elvis impersonator paul kevin curtis. they thought he was behind the letters. he declared his innocence alo
of today's arrest of a 41-year-old tupelo, mississippi man. he was picked up this morning just days after embarrassed authorities cleared another man arre arrested in the case, releasing him after admitting they couldn't link him to the letters. the letters were addressed to the president, a u.s. senator and a mississippi judge. tonight, there are questions over the motive and whether someone in all this was framed. nbc's janet shamlian has the story. >> reporter: federal agents arrested karate teacher dutschke at his mississippi home. tonight, he's charged with possession of a biological agent with intent to use as a weapon. the latest chapter in a bizarre investigation after ricin laced letters were sent to president obama, senator roger wicker and a mississippi judge. when investigators searched his house and studio earlier this week, the 41-year-old denied any involvement. >> i had absolutely nothing to do with those letters and the person accused of sending those letters, her defense attorney or his defense attorney said -- steered them in my direction because i was probably an easy
of mississippi and judge sadie holland. dutschke was arrested saturday at his home in tupelo. new york city's medical examiners office plans to resume everyone searching for human remains in lower manhattan on tuesday. last week workers two blocks from ground zero discovered a rusted piece of landing gear wedged between two buildings. boeing confirms the áu;ted wreckage is from a 767, the type of plane used in the attacks. fingers are still crossed in fargo, north dakota tonight. but it appears the surging red river will crest this week at a lower level than expected. though still 19-feet above the point where the water overflows its banks. in all, flooding in ten states has people head higher ground and terrell brown has more tonight. >> reporter: the city of fargo has built a wall of sandbags around jim lepine's home. one of more than 130 bracing for floodwaters. >> i've lived on the river 40 years and this will be the fifth time we've put sandbags in 40 years. >> reporter: the city endured its worst ever flood when the red river crested just above 40 feet in 2009. there's been a major f
. they arrested everett dutschke saturday in tupelo mississippi. he is accused of sending letters with poisonous ricin inside to president barack obama, a mississippi senator and a judge. they had arrested another mississippi man who was later cleared and claimed he was framed by everett dutschke. >>> a benefit was run for the 11-year-old martinez boy hurt in the boston marathon bombings. aaron was waiting for his mother to finish the marathon when the bomb went off seriously injuring his legs. aaron was released after two very serious operation. he turns 12 years old on wednesday and his family is hoping he will be back in the bay area by then. you can get the very latest on our website on the boston marathon bombings, >>> last year's deadly attack inside a mansion, he was killed when three men broke into his home ransacked it and demanded cash and other valuables. a former exotic dancer has come forward to recognize that he fathered her two daughters and he would have wanted to take care of them. she is petitioning the court for half of the estate. >>> they will nominate anthony
of tupelo, mississippi, has been taken into custody and charged with sending the letters. the f.b.i. believes curtis has sent over letters with similar content to other members of congress in the past and that pattern helped lead to this arrest. the presence of small amounts of ricin in these letters has now been confirmed. wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. >> pelley: britain said goodbye today to the iron lady, margaret thatcher. her funeral at st. paul's cathedral was attended by queen elizabeth and dignitaries from 170 countries, including three former u.s. secretaries of state. thatcher was great britain's first female prime minister. she died of a stroke last week at 87. there has been an arrest now in the murders of two texas prosecutors. we'll have that next. if you have high cholesterol, here's some information that may be worth looking into. in a clinical trial versus lipitor, crestor got more high-risk patients' bad cholesterol to a goal of under 100. getting to goal is important, especially if you have high cholesterol plus any of these risk factors because you cou
. law enforcement have taken a person into custody in tupelo, mississippi. letters are signed ikc and i approve this message. one was addressed to the president and the other to mississippi senator roger wicker. the letters were intercepted tuesday before they could reach their intended targets. senate mail delivery is suspended for two days as a precaution. >>> it may have been one of the more photographed crimes in history. immediately boston police turned to social media for clues about the bombings. but that effort has not stopped with police. kpix 5's mike sugerman shows us the work of the new armchair investigators. >>> reporter: more cell videos and pictures, maybe hundreds of thousands now on the web, one who goes by 4 chan think tank now han 1.2 million hits and that's doubled in just three hours. it has detailed photos of several people with backpacks in and around the marathon finish line. this is a whole new world of police work not involving police. >> definitely social media has changed police work. >> reporter: sfpd officers say all you have to do is go back to the world
and another one to a district court judge in tupelo, mississippi, sadie holland. that was the first letter to be received on april the 10th. haoerp is what we know about this fella. he lives near the border of tennessee. ef is a part-time musician, an elvis i impersonator by trade and seems to sur scribe to various broad spreur theories when it comes to trafficking in body parts. this whole story may go all the way back to city 99 when he was working as a maintenance contractor for a medical facility in tupelo, during which time he says he came across a refrigerator full of body parts. he said he was shocked about what he saw as an illegal trade in body parts, tried to make a lot of people aware of it. he was kicked off the grounds of the medical center, told to never come back. according to a reporter who did stories on him back in that time that's when he began to unrafpl. i talked to an attorney who used to represent him. he said that definitely mr. curtis is suffering from some mental problems for which he has not received treatment. in the time after he was kicked off the campus of th
for politician. a candidate in tupelo. may have played at an event for senator i wicker. he also subscribes to a conspiracy theory that he uncovered in 1999 in which the mississippi medical center involved in the trafficking of body parts. of course, the medical center denies that. he tried repeatedly over years to get people to listen to him. including sending letters to then state representative roger wicker, then senator trent lot as well as senator thad cochran. no one would livable to him it appears as though he upped the opportunity sand upped his attempts to get people to listen to him. the fbi currently at curtis' home in corinth, mississippi, in the northern part of the state right along the border with tennessee, just a stone's throw down the road from memphis where these letters were mailed. going through the white house a fine tooth comb wearing appropriate gear because deadly ricin was found in those letters. the fbi trying to find out what the source of that ricin may be. also, other questions, if, in fact, curtis did do, this why did his letter writing campaign suddenly turn
impersonator from tupelo, mississippi. now, the focus is on another man from his hometown. and it turns out the two of them have been feuding for years. abc's matt gutman has that story for us. >> reporter: i've never seen anything this blown out of proportion. >> reporter: this morning, we're hearing for the first time from the martial arts instructor, apparently suspected in connection to the ricin letter scare that terrorized washington last week. >> everybody has something suspicious in their house but, no. there's nothing that's related to these letters. >> reporter: federal hazmat teams, space suits and all, descended on everett dutschke's karate studio his apartment and his van. authorities had charged that elvis impersonator, kevin curtis with threatening the president, before dropping those charges late tuesday. >> when you've been charged with something, and you never heard of, ricin or whatever. i thought they said rice. i don't even eat rice. >> reporter: we caught up with him late wednesday. >> something happened the last minute. it was a turn of events. information they got an
that were sent to the president, senator or robert wicker and as well a local judge in tupelo, mississippi, it was written i'm k.c. and i aprof this message i believes his brother was framed. the fbi acted too quickly in this case. this happened right after the boston bombings, they were under a lot of pressure to come up with a suspect. he says they simply came up with the wrong one. bret? >> bret: okay, john. much more on this with the panel. a strange story. we will hear from paul kevin curtis. a hazardous materials team is investigating another possible tainted letter this time a military facility. senator harry reid said it is joint base anna cost i can't bowling. the two suspects in what canadian officials say was a plot to derail a passenger plane in court today. neither entered a pleavment one said the allegations were based on appearances. men had direction and guidance from al qaeda terrorists in iran. the iranian foreign ministry denies involvement. amid the misery in boston, the show of gratitude from journalists. we'll explain that later in the grapevine. up next, the misery i
in mississippi, an hour north or so of tupelo. right up on the tennessee state line. stood accused of mailing letters tainted with the deadly poison ricin to these two, the president, and senator roger wicker and a local judge. now he is a free man. let's start with the senate majority leader reid there's been another incident. >> ent know a whole lot. the story is moving in number of different directions at the same time, if there is another letter, not a surprise. if it's connected with the original three letters, during an initial appearance for kevin crore tis, u.s. concerns were saying there may be a fourth letter out there. apparently, according to senator harry reid was at bolling air force base, just south of washington, dc. here's what the senator said. >> we have had another incident today, i'm told, at bolling air for barracks they sim nuns. so -- same substance. >> her is what is going on with kevin curtis who was brought up on charges on thursday of threatening the life of the president. he is out on bond now. his attorneys are saying the fbi made a huge move stake here for claim
see? >> reporter: we went to this home here in tupelo. there were agents there in full body hazmats searching the home. the authorities here are not saying anything about the connection the owner of that home has to this ricin investigation. we have asked that questions. the u.s. attorneys office and the fbi for the last 48 hours or so have not said anything about this investigation. we're hoping to get more information into who sent those letters. >> victor, so we're hearing from this guy's attorney that he was framed. we don't know for a fact if authorities actually buy that, if authorities are following up on that theory. all of that coming from the attorney and the man who was falsely accused, correct? >> that's correct. when she says the government has found a new suspect, there's been no mention of a new suspect. he says that in defense of her client. the officials said they have not had a new suspect or they believe this person who has a grudge is involved at all. >>> chris cuomo is going to be talking to him live 1:00 p.m. eastern. >>> one of the men accused of planning an a
early this morning without incident in tupelo, mississippi. he's in the hands of the u.s. marshal service. this is in reference to the ricin letters sent. we have heard no response from his attorney today, but this week she did tell the media he has no involvement. dutschke himself also denies any wrongdoing. this is him before his arrest on tuesday. >> just simply blows my mind that the paranoid antigovernment schizophrenic is the one that wraps up me who is his fantasy world, who is a patriotic american. >> this as we learn of an ongoing feud between him and previousy larked paul kevin curtis. he was taken into custody earlier this week, the charges of which placing the letters in the mail later dropped. curtis' attorney suggested her attorney may have been framed. the letters addressed to the senator, as well as the president, were retrieved and flagged at offsite mail facilities before they reached their intended victims. >> thank you so much. you can see there was bad blood between the two guys. we'll check in later. >>> breaking news now out of north korea where a u.s. citiz
is now in custody. they arrested the martial arts instructor without incident in tupelo, mississippi. authorities say this arrest is in connection with the ricin laced letter sent to president obama, senator roger wicker and a mississippi judge. we have heard no response from his attorney bus they said he has no involvement. he denies any wrongdoing. this is him before his arrest. >> simply blows my mind that the anti-governmental schizophrenic is the one that wraps up me in his fantasy world who is a patriotic american. >> as we learn of an ongoing feud between him and previously arrested paul curtis. he was taken in earlier in the investigation. later the charges which involve placing threats in the mail were dropped. his name first surfaced in federal court when his attorney suggested that her client may have been framed. as you remember, the letters was addressed were retrieved and flagged at off-site mail facilities before ever reaching their intended victims. >> heather: thank you. >> gregg: as investigators continue to push ahead in the boston bombings case trying to piece tog
.b.i. arrested the martal arts instructor in tupelo, mississippi. he is now in the hands of the u.s. martial service. the letters were sent to president obama and senator roger wick yer a mississippi judge. we have had no response from the attorney today, but this week she said he had no involvement and himself said he had no wrongdoing. >> it is it blowing my mind that the parinoid government schizophreniic wraps up me in his fantasy world and who is a patriotic american. >> this as we learn of an ongoing feud previously arrested paul curtis who was taken into custody by the feds earlier in the. the charges of placing the threats in the mail were dropped. dutschke -- the letters addressed to senator wicker and president obama were retrieved and flagged in off site mail facility. heather back to you. >> a lot of twists and turns in that case, thank you. >> turning to the latest from boston. investigators are pushing forward and following dozens of leads and following key threw clues about the people dead and injured. federal agents sifted through the land fill of the dartmouth campus. that i
: f-b-i agents arrested james everett dutschke at his tupelo, mississippi home early saturday. dutschke now faces federal charges in connection with ricin-tainted letters sent to president obama, mississippi senator roger wicker, and a county judge. his attorney had no comment on his arrest. one analyst says this investigation is moving faster than usual. >> "the speed of this is being driven by how dangerous ricin is." >> reporter: earlier in the week, prosecutors dropped charges against another man, paul kevin curtis. curtis believes he was framed, and identified dutschke as a potential culprit. f-b-i agents searched dutschke's home and former martial arts studio, though it's not clear what they found. when asked this week if he'd ever handled ricin before, dutschke told reporters. >> "no. i wouldn't recognize ricin if i saw it." >> reporter: dennis carlock lives in dutschke's neighborhood, and has had a dispute with him the past. >> "right now, i'm just glad he's off- out of our neighborhood and i hope they keep him off." >> reporter: the toxic letters read in part: >> "to
tribute to one of their players. martin richard who was killed during the bombings. >>> a tupelo, mississippi, man charged with sending ricin-laced letters to president obama and mississippi senator wicker. charges come two days after prosecutors dropped charges against paul kevin curtis in the same case. curtis said he was framed. >>> a roadside bomb killed three officers in afghanistan as they launched their spring offensive. the taliban spokesman says today was the first day of the new operation that will target foreign military bases and convoys, as well as attacks on police. the attacks will continue until foreign troops leave afghanistan. >>> supreme court associate justice steven brieyer after a bicycle fall. he is expected to head home early this week, hopefully not on a bike. those are your top stories. "reliable sources" at the top of the hour. now back to "fareed zakaria gps." >>> we're now piecing together how the bombers posted their thoughts on twitter and radicalized themselves over the internet. the internet disseminated their images within a few minutes, thus beg
prosecutor in tupelo a couple of years ago and said this man is stalling me online, she's made threats she's going bash my brains out, he's trashing my music all over the information highway. he went to far as to call people in festivals from here if to alabama that i was scheduled to perform for to tell them i was a criminal and a terrible person and should not be hired. sure enough, they dropped me from the roster. it was an ongoing, started out cyber kind of, he would stalling my every move. i set tracker on my smi spais page about five years ago and it told me he was coming to my page three to four dozen times a day. that was the first evidence i had to proof that this man was troolging and stalking my every move. >> why do you think dutschke framed you? >> well, i wasn't the one that initially made that statement. i believe maybe it could have been the attorneys, staff that made the statement in court. all i was asking was who out there could you name one or two people that have a venn debt that that would be strong enough to mail letters with a poisonous substance that could cause bo
in the neck outside the bank corp south reign arena in tupelo, mississippi. the elephant was caught in the gun fire of a drive by shooting. police are still looking for the gunmen. >>> there are some encouraging signs for job seekers, cnbc's mandy drury is here. >> 3.9 million jobs posted in february, but here's the catch. even though openings have surged 11% over the past year, the number of people hired has actually declined. h huh, you say? starving firms say let's be honest, a little bit iffy economy many businesses just don't really want to commit to new hires and that is behind that trend. >> and taco bell meantime they have a huge hit with those doritos locos tacos so now doritos hopes it's going to have a new hit. >> i love those locos tacos. and apparently the next phase here is going to be the dlt tortilla chip. there's going to be two varieties. to how many locos tacos were sold last year? >> how many. >> 375 million, that is roughly 1 million a day. a day. >> and 13,000 jobs created as a result of it. that is unbelievable. and it's making me hungry. >> creating jobs and making peop
has come to light. cnn's victor blackwell is live for us this morning in tupelo, mississippi. this man has been exonerated, vindicated? >> that's true. we're waiting for more information from the u.s. attorney, felicia adams, about what this new information is. she has not elaborated. of course we've asked the fbi about their investigation up to this point into the letters sent to the president. senator roger wicker of mississippi, and katie holland, a judge here in tupelo. they're not saying much about that or their investigation into curtis. but curtis himself, paul kevin kurt isz, is speaking. and he's saying that he had no involvement. he loves his country. he had nothing to say specifically about the letters, he says that he loves his country, he respects the president, he would never try to hurt an elected official. he also said, he and his attorney, that he believes that he maybe was framed by someone who's holding a grudge. i want you to listen to what he said about the time he spent in jail after those allegations were made. >> the last seven days, staring at four gray walls l
was coo-coo, or he went great lengths to tell us that a staff member based out of tupelo, the staff member said he's nuts. so it's almost as if they said, well, his initials are k.c., he frequently uses this quote on his social media, and he's nuts. so he must have done this. other than anything in his past, he has had a passion for different issues. but nothing in his past. multiple communications to multiple elected officials, none of which were violent or threatening or dangerous. so, you know, i don't know. i can't get in the mind of them at that time. i do want to mention something that kevin didn't mention on wednesday night when he was being interrogated. one thing he was told that quite frankly upset me a little bit. he was told by agent grant there was a young woman in the hospital at that very moment. from her exposure to ricin and that they needed to know right that minute what was in the ricin so they could save her life. that was just untrue. i realize that law enforcement has great leeway, but that was untrue. and a little unnecessary in my opinion. >> and scary to think some
in the area at the time of the crash. >>> also, this other breaking story, an arrest has been made in tupelo, mississippi, in connection with those letters containi ining ricin, the poiso made from castor beans that can be lethal. the letters were sent to president obama and also to congressman roger wicker. kristen welker is standing by live with the latest. crist reason, at this point what do we know about the suspect? >> reporter: well, we know that was a martial arts instructor and i can tell you, craig that fbi officials have confirmed that special agents arrested 41-year-old everett dut schduts his home in tune low, mississippi. we expect him to be arraigned monday. this arrest is in connection with the rhine-laden letters, one addressed to president obama, another addressed to senator wicker from mississippi. we shut should point out that the letters can a never came close to their intended targets, intercepted at an off-site mail facility. according to our i'll yacht at tupelo, mississippi, officials were investigating the home earlier this week on two separate occasion. this comes a
tupelo, mississippi. we're not sure on his name. but pete williams reporting that story and of course cnbc will have all the details for you on that 8:00 p.m. news conference as well as this late breaking development in the ricin letters. >> thanks very much. now, president obama's gun control agenda was dealt devastating blow today. 54 senators including five democrats voted to defeat a proposal to expand background checks. >> a main setback for those in favor of heightening the rules. expanding gun background checks failed to win over the senate. it was a plan put together by senator joe manchin and pat toomey. it needed 60 votes to move ahead and it got only 54. president obama briefed the press shortly after the vote. he repeated the importance of gun control and expressed his own frustration. he even said the gun lobby willfully lied about the bill. >> instead of supporting the compromise, the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill. they claimed that it would create some sort of big brother gun registry, even though the bill did the opposite. this legislation in f
no evidence in a ricin in a search of his home. so as he was being released, the fbi was searching the tupelo home of a man name jay edward duski, an acquaintance of curtis. he says he is innocent. in moments, it began to look like a blooper reel. >> what are you plans right now? your immediate plans? >> find my dog moo cow. >> moo cow got away. >> she got loose when homeland security swarmed in on me when i went to check my mail. i haven't heard anything. i just really worried about her. i bought a fish a week before -- >> got moo cow. >> my brother's found moo cow. >> moo cow is fine. >> we're not making this up, folks. then there's the added fact that curtis happens to be an elvis impersonator who once performed at a party wicker was given. when senator reid was asked for his reaction of his release, he had none, but did reveal another threat that hadn't been made public. >> we've had another incident today i'm told at bowling air force base of the same substa e substance, so i don't know. i do not know -- >> here's what we can tell you. the defense intelligence agency says alarms went of
the probe into poison pen mystery. federal investigators swarmed a tupelo, mississippi home last night, hunting for the sender of ricin-tainted letters sent to government officials. the home belongs to everett dutschke. >> everyone has something suspicious in their house but no, there is nothing related to these letters. >> ifill: dutschke has not been arrested, and no charges have been filed. today's search came after yesterday's sudden twist, when a first suspect was released. without explanation, federal prosecutors dropped all charges against paul kevin curtis, of corinth, mississippi. an f.b.i. agent testified that a search of curtis' home found no evidence of the dangerous substance. curtis, who was released tuesday evening, said he told investigators all along that he was innocent. >> i respect president obama, i love my country and would never do anything to pose a threat to him or any other public official. >> reporter: but it turns out curtis has some history with dutschke, who once threatened to sue him. dutschke-- seen in this 2007 photo with senator wicker, one of the offi
shirts and carried signs with number 8. martin's jersey number. >>> a tupelo, mississippi, man is charged with sending ricin-laced letters. the federal charges against james everett dutschke come two days after prosecutors dropped charges against curtis. curtis says he was framed. >>> a roadside bomb killed three police officers in afghanistan this morning as the taliban launched their annual spring offensive. today's attack was just the first day of the new operation that will target foreign military bases and convoys, as well as attacks on afghan police. the spokesman says the attacks will continue until foreign troops leave afghanistan. thank you so much for watching "state of the union." i'm candy crowley in washington, head to for extras and that includes a clip from our popular online series called "getting to know." find out the surprising family connection. if you missed any part of today's show, find us on itunes. fareed zakaria, "gps" is next. >>> this is "gps global public square." welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria.
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